Clean Up Your MESS

Quit Spending All Your Time With Mess Reps

Why do managers spend so much time on their worst sales reps?

In any given month, I would estimate that about 50% of sales reps fail to meet their quota. While this is certainly a macro figure that changes based on industry, it remains true that there will always be reps who will not perform to your expectations. 

As a sales manager, it is your job to coach the reps. You need to observe what they do, give feedback when possible, and openly communicate about how they can improve.

But when are you spending too much time on your worst sales reps? In my experience, I always went overboard trying to help the lowest performers. Growing up, my parents always taught us to take care of the underdog, and that has panned out into my sales management career. 

At some point over the years though, I had to learn that not everyone will work out. How do you objectively decide if a sales rep is worth the\time investment? 

Here are 4 Simple Steps

1. Create a culture with NO SURPRISES. Be transparent and communicate whenever possible to ensure your team feels supported and successful every single day. 

2. Make sure you have systems and processes set up that allow everyone to get the same opportunity to succeed at the job. Examples include sales training, solid onboarding programs, and one on one meetings with each sales rep. 

3. Track two or three key metrics you know are critical for reps to hit their overall number consistently. Examples of these types of metrics would differ based on your industry, but select metrics that matter, and make sure your team understands why they are so important. 

4. Be transparent about the key metrics and performance indicators that you decided on in step number two. Post them publicly so everyone understands them and knows where they measure. Discuss them in every one-on-one and training meeting. 


If you use these four skills in your everyday processes, I can assure you that you will not waste time coaching underperforming sales reps. Your team will feel motivated, supported and will be hitting quotas every month. 

Transparency is the key when coaching your sales reps.

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Matt D. Ferguson
Sales Leader





The key to becoming an effective sales leader is to develop a customized leadership process for your team.