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I’m committed to helping you, the next great sales leader, navigate the challenges of leadership. My process has brought results to clients from multiple industries.

After our first session, I knew I made the right choice with Matt! We’ve covered a lot of things, but he’s really helped me shift my perspective to managing people without the subjectivity and emotion connected. My team has recently moved from 5th to 1st in the region 5 weeks after I started working with him. Thanks Matt and I look forward to more!

– Evan R., Sales Manager

Matt Ferguson is an empathetic listener and common sense sales management coach.  He has helped me tremendously in my transition from sales executive to sales manager.  He has a wonderful ear and can take the emotion and frustration out of sales management – by providing simple and effective solutions.  Most new managers become results-oriented and let frustration affect their ability to lead and manage.  Matt’s concepts of Clear Expectations, in particular, have helped me tremendously with my team.  I can’t say enough good things about Coach Ferg!

– Justin J., Regional Sales Manager

Have you ever asked yourself why you took that promotion into management?

Life was so much easier as a top-performing individual contributor, right? Now you are in charge of people and their problems – sometimes it can feel like you are stuck in the weeds instead of selling and contributing on a daily basis.

Do you need help developing and managing your team? Do you think “there has to be a better way or some type of process to follow?”.

If so, you are in the right place. I have more than 10 years of experience managing and developing sales teams. I have created a six-step sales management process to help me build strong and confident teams.

Process Focused

6-Step Process

I created a 6-Step Process to manage a predictable, and successful, sales team. This process, created through many years of sales and management experiences, will help maximize your team’s success.

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